Felt Cat Cave – CAP002


  • Made Of 100% Soft And natural felted wool, keeps your cat warm and coz.
  • No harmful dyes or materials were used in the making of this product
  • This cave is easy to take care of Simply wash by hand with soap and water and reshape before drying.
  • Beautiful looks stunning anywhere around the house, adds a decorative element to your home’s layout.

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  • This felt cat cave will fit up to 24 lbs cat. Kindly check with the detailed dimensions given below.
  • This cave is easy to take care of; simply wash by hand with soap and water and reshape before drying!
  • Our skilled team of female artisans makes our caves with the fine craft of merino wool felting. Employ household women, providing them with fair wages, training, and optimum working conditions in return for our environmentally friendly production process.



  • Dimension : 18-19 inches  (48-50 cm )
  • Hole: 7-9 inches ( 16-20 cm)
  • Height: 10-12 inches  ( 25-30 cm)

APPROXIMATE MEASUREMENTS: items are handmade, so, every piece is different, measurements are approximate, and there are lots of deeds, from what measurement depends. 


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