Handmade Felt Dryer Ball FKN017


We are very proud to present Natural Handmade Felt Wool Dryer Balls, The All Natural Dryer Ball Set made from New Zealand sheep wool. Natural handmade pure wool dryer balls are special in several ways.

Dryer balls are an alternative method to keep clothes soft & static free instead of adding fabric softeners to laundry or using dryer sheets.

If you choose a 100% natural wool ball as the method of softening clothes,you can avoid introducing chemical residue & fragrances to fabric that can be harmful to sensitive skin.

They cut down on the time it takes to dry a typical load by at least 25% there by saving everyone even more money & cutting dawn on fossil fuel usage.




Use Cleaning, Drying Clothes
Smell Removing.
Material 100% Pure New Zealand Wool (No Fillers)
Product Name Wool Felt Dryer Balls
Function Helps to dry clothes 25% faster
Place of Origin Kathmandu, Nepal
Supply Capacity According to your Order
Eco-friendly Yes
Color White, Gray, and Color of your choice
Weight in Grams 50 Grams, 58 Grams
90 Grams, 100 Grams
Size in Diameters 7 cm,7.5 cm,8 cm,9 cm
Color Plain Color and Color of your choice
Design Plain or Color
Packaging Cartoon Package for wholesaler
Units / Packaging 400 Per Box
Quantity 400 Minimum

Additional information


100gr, 120gr, 50gr, 6 Cm 24 Pieces Of Balls, 6 Cm 6 Pieces of Balls, 6 Cm 90 Pieces of Balls, 7 Cm 24 Pieces Of Balls, 7 Cm 6 Pieces Of Balls, 7 Cm 90 Pieces Of Balls, 8 Cm 24 Pieces of Balls, 8 Cm 6 Pieces Of Balls, 8 Cm 90 Pieces Of Balls


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