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Home Handmade Felt Door Mat Rectangle Felt Ball Door Mat LH0045

Rectangle Felt Ball Door Mat LH0045


Fel Ball Design Rug. This designer rug are made to look like stone. Add some natural texture to your room, with nature inspired designer rugs

Our rugs are made in the land of the Himalayas, by these lovely hardworking ladies, whom we train and give them employment. Our product are comparatively cheaper as you are buying directly from the makers. All our product are 100 % handmade made from natural wool.

We can make rugs in any sizes, any shapes and any color as per your requirement. Please contact us if you have any custom request.

How our Felt Balls and Felt Ball Rugs are made:

1) We start with a small wad of yarn and wrap them into a ball shape size of the ball now should be twice the size that you want once finished.
2) Soaked this balls in soapy lukewarm water and then gently roll the ball in your hand use both your hand or you can use a wooden plank to make the balls firm applying gently pressure initially the ball shape will be more apparent and then slowly increase the pressure to make the felt ball more firm.
3) Once the balls are of the required sizes and firm enough, use a drying machine or hydro machine to drain the water out of your felt balls.
4) The balls are then dried in the sun.
5) Once completely dried, they are ready to sewn together to make the rug. This is the most complex task and takes huge amount of time.

Once the rug is made, it’s ready to be delivered to you.
Hope you appreciate all the work that goes into this wonderful piece of art.

Care Instruction:
1) Professional Dry Cleaning Only.

2) Wool Naturally Repels Liquid. If liquid spills on the rug, dry off immediately by tapping with a clean white cloth or a kitchen paper towel. Then get a rug professionally cleaned (dry cleaning).

3) Do NOT use this rug in the wet place.

This felt ball rug is a hand-made natural product. Therefore there is a chance that slight color and product variation may occur. However, this is not a sign of poor quality, rather proof of a natural handicraft.

SKU: LH0045
  • Type:Handmade Felt Ball.
  • Materials:Wool.
  • We can make rugs in any sizes, any shapes and any color as per your requirement.

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