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Home Singing Bowls Handmade Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl with Carving of Yoga Man Design- Made in Nepal

Handmade Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl with Carving of Yoga Man Design- Made in Nepal

Code FK28221
Weight 1 to 15.5 kg
Size 20 to 60 Cm
Material Seven Metal Bronze
SKU: FK28221

Singing Bowl With Carving of Yoga Man :

A singing bowl with a carving of a yoga man is a unique and special piece of art that combines two ancient practices: yoga and sound healing.

A singing bowl is a type of bell that is traditionally used in Buddhist and Hindu practices for meditation, prayer, and healing. When the bowl is struck or played with a mallet, it produces a rich and soothing sound that can help calm the mind and reduce stress.

The carving of a yoga man on the singing bowl adds a symbolic element to the piece. The figure may be in a traditional yoga pose, such as the lotus pose, or in a pose that represents a specific aspect of yoga philosophy, such as balance or enlightenment.

Together, the singing bowl and the carving of the yoga man create a powerful tool for spiritual practice and meditation. The sound of the singing bowl can help to focus the mind and calm the body, while the image of the yoga man can inspire the practitioner to connect with their inner wisdom and cultivate a deeper sense of peace and harmony.


1) Diameter: 20 cm
weight: 1 kg

2) Diameter: 22 cm
weight: 1.4 kg

3) Diameter: 24 cm
weight: 1.8 kg

4) Diameter: 26 cm
weight: 2 kg

5) Diameter: 28 cm
weight: 2.5 kg

6) Diameter: 30 cm
weight: 2.9-3 kg

7) Diameter: 36 Cm
Weight: 6.5 kilograms approx.

8) Diameter:38 cm
Weight: 6.5 kilograms approx.

9) Diameter:40 cm
Weight: 7.5 kilograms approx.

10) Diameter: 46 cm
Weight: 8.5 kilograms approx.

11) Diameter:50 cm
Weight: 10.5 kilograms approx.

12) Diameter:54 cm
Weight: 11.5 kilograms approx.

13) Diameter:56 cm
Weight: 13.5 kilograms approx.

14) Diameter:58 cm
Weight: 15.5 kilograms approx.

The Singing Bowl Set will include :

A Singing Bowl
A Traditional Wooden Striker Mallet
A Felt Striker Mallet
A Ring Cushion.

(This is a handmade item therefore please note that each one might have slight variations)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

20 Cm, 22 Cm, 24 Cm, 26 Cm, 28 Cm, 30 Cm, 36 Cm, 38 Cm, 40 Cm, 46 Cm, 50 Cm, 54 Cm, 56 Cm, 58 Cm, 60 Cm


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