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Felt Tea Coaster TE014


Felt Kraft leading felt industries offer wide range of felt ball Coaster which is made from premium quality 100% New Zealand wool. We have round and rectangle felt coaster for your office and home. Handmade Felt Coaster is perfect for someone who loves cooking in style and loves to decorate their dining table with bit of unique handmade gem. It is handmade in Nepal by woman under the fair trade act.

Each felt ball is hand dyed with individually chosen colors, then hand sewn not glued creating a wonderful soft natural fabric coaster which is soft and unique. It is made from 100% wool and 2cm felt balls.The Coaster will protect your table/desk from scratch and heat. Also, it can be used as decoration for your plant pot.

SKU: TE014


  • Available in any size and color combination
  • Made of 100% natural Sheep wool
  • Can be used on both sides
  • Eco-friendly - No harmful chemicals
  • Custom size rugs can be made to order
  • Durable - Last for a long time
  • Felt Ball Size: 1 Cm – 1.2 Cm & so on.

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Set Of 10 Pieces ( USD 42.29 ), Set Of 100 Pieces (USD 359.99 ), Set Of 12 Pieces (USD 50.39), Set Of 16 Pieces ( 67.49), Set Of 2 Pieces ( USD 8.99 ), Set Of 20 Pieces ( USD 79.19 ), Set Of 4 Pieces ( USD 17.99 ), Set Of 50 Pieces ( USD 179.99 ), Set Of 6 Pieces ( USD 26.09 ), Set Of 8 Pieces (USD 34.19 )


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