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Yoga Singing Bowls

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Yoga singing bowls, also known as Tibetan singing bowls, are ancient instruments used for meditation and healing practices. They produce a rich, harmonic sound when struck or rubbed with a mallet, promoting relaxation and inner peace. In yoga sessions, singing bowls are often used to signal the beginning and end of meditation or to enhance the overall atmosphere of the practice. The vibrations emitted by the bowls are believed to balance the chakras and stimulate energy flow throughout the body. Many practitioners find that incorporating singing bowls into their yoga routines deepens their connection to the present moment and enhances their overall well-being.

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20 Cm, 22 Cm, 24 Cm, 26 Cm, 28 Cm, 30 Cm, 36 Cm, 38 Cm, 40 Cm


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