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Antique Handmade Mani Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowl


Mani bowls have an inward-facing lip, flat bottom, thick walls, and are wider in the middle. They are small to medium-sized and are also referred to as Mudra singing bowls. You can find some decorative markings although older Mani balls do not have them due to wear and tear.
Ancient Mani singing bowls date back to the late 16th to 19th centuries. These bowls were generally given as wedding gifts in the olden days. Mani bowls have a very high tone, although they are large and heavy. The sound of the bowl is generally in the 5th octave or the 6th octave.
Moreover, they are short and stout and easy to play with a ringing stick. Many specialists believe that they might have got used for ceremonial, sacred, or ritual purposes. These bowls are not found in market as they are rare.


– Made by seven metals, silk for cushion, Rosewood for mallet, cotton for cushion.
– Cleanses negative energy.
– Deep relaxation with beautiful sound.
– Sound immersion therapy and healing experience
– Perfect palm sized Antique Tibetan singing bowl.
– Comes with mallet, striker and cushion as shown on the picture.
– Deep long lasting sound.
– Please inbox for sound clip.
– Best gift for yourself or your love one!


Singing Bowl Size

Diameter : 16 cm

SKU: PS500

Additional Information:

1.The striker should be teak with two head/sides. One head is uncovered and the other head is covered with suede.
2.The cushion is fluffy with a real silk cover. We will offer a custom design for the cushion pattern.
3.The bowl rim and its upper part where the striker is moved around should be smooth & frictionless to produce a great sound.
4.The bowl should ring with a long and clear sound when struck.


Striker size(CM)

Diameter: 4 cm
Length: 20 cm
Weight: 180 g ± 10g



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